Meet the Team

Shakheel Sheikh | Director of Model United Nations

Dear Delegates, Teachers and Faculty Advisors,

It is my honour to invite you to the 4th Annual BritMUN Conference that will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2016, at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel in Bahrain, making it the very first residential MUN Conference in Bahrain.

With the success of the BritMUN III, the conference has established itself as the region’s premier Model UN Conference for students. We recognise that an open exchange of ideas is one of the best ways of learning, and that is why we have built the conference to be one of the most diverse conferences around. We hope to inspire students to stand up and effect change in the world tomorrow through rigorous discourse and debate today; to build a more peaceful, progressive and prosperous future for themselves, and for generations to come.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced delegate, I strongly encourage you to apply for the conference. Doing Model UN has contributed in many ways to my academic and professional goals, and BritMUN IV 2016 will be an exciting educational opportunity for you. I sincerely hope to see you there. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Mr. Sheikh

Yannis Panagis | Secretary General 

Our team has the exceptional opportunity to have Yannis Panagis serve as our Secretary General for BritMUN’s 4th the annual conference. As BritMUN prospers towards obtaining the largest student-run conference in the Middle East status, parallel with initiating its first international conference, we are fortunate to welcome a leader who is well experienced for the job.

Yannis has attended 15 MUN conferences in the vicinity of the Middle East and the prestigious NaiMUN conference held by Georgetown University. In which he attained substantial success by receiving recognition for being an outstanding delegate for 2 consecutive years amongst 3000 attending delegates. In conjunction with his formidable attendances, he has grasped a thorough insight into the emerging world of MUN by contributing to the hierarchy of positions; serving as delegate, chair and undersecretary general. His leadership role for BritMUN IV is further supported by his recent election as Head Boy for the British School of Bahrain for the upcoming school year!

Whilst Yannis’s MUN records have been plausible, he is more than just academically capable. Our nominated secretary general has also shown remarkable sportsmanship, by participating in countless sponsored runs and marathons, highlighting his relentless dedication towards a commendable cause. The conference is orchestrated to Yannis’s most reputable skill, being an astounding linguist with the aptitude to communicate in German, Swiss German and English,

Furthermore, his talents extend to the performing arts; he has taken lead roles in organised plays around Bahrain such as Peter Pan and west side story whilst simultaneously launching his own YouTube channel which primarily focuses on his personal love for music. His personal channel features original songs such as ‘angels’ and ‘kiss me in the snow’. Feel free to see him in action on his channel: vvw

Saad Khan | President

Promoted from the youngest Secretary General at BritMUN last year, Saad is to bolster the role of President this year at BritMUN IV. To credit his position, Saad has attended 12 MUN conferences, 4 of which he served as the chair and is currently serving as the deputy head boy in a power duo with our secretary general Yannis Panagis. In compliance with his MUN success, Saad has resonated popularity within his school, by attaining an astonishing 9A*’s for his IGCSE grades which immediately qualified him to be a stupendous role model for every IGCSE student.

Despite being praised for his academic excellence, Saad has associated himself with an exquisite niche for writing. ‘Aether Unbound’, an original piece of writing, submitted to the Canvas Literary Journal as part of a competition exemplifying the admirable work of teen writers around the world, is now to be released as part of the Canvas Lit Summer 2016 Publication. In addition to creative writing, Saad has received recognition From COBIS, by being placed as runner up for their infamous poetry competition on the poem ‘Metro Missus’.

Although, it would be blatantly unjust to argue that Saad’s ardour for writing is due to the acknowledgment he receives, where as his irrefutable esteem for writing extends to dynamic articles he has indulged himself in over the course of the years. These articles further advocate his role for presidency, as he actively immerses himself in issues around the world which are often discussed at our councils. Although he’s currently attending a research internship looking at food security at the Pakistan institute of development economics in Islamabad, for which he intends to write a stunning article for. Here is Saad’s thoughts on ‘A Unified India’:

Shouq Al Majali | Head of Administration

The admin team is argued to be the backbone of every well renowned conference. Whilst on the surface it appears to be just scraps of papers on desks and ribbons for lanyards, it is in fact the head of admin who holds the very fabric of the conference together, acting as the delicate stitching on a handcrafted garment that is to be BritMUN IV. This year’s position for sole Administrator is offered to Shouq Al Majali, with the discipline of fourteen years of ballet in contemporary, modern and jazz under her belt, she will be sure to handle every task with the utmost grace.

Although her dance career is proven infatuating with achievements such as being internationally acknowledged for IDTA (Dance Teachers Association award) teacher training qualifier, she also excels in the Business world. Elected for leadership positions such as the CEO of two mini enterprises held to further educate student on entrepreneurship, she continues her reign by proceeding to take charge of the marketing department for a student-run business associated with Injaz junior achievement program. Shouq’s timid physique should not be underestimated, she has led her appointed house as sports captain for 3 consecutive years, thus making it apparent that Shouq is an intrinsic leader!

In addition to her successes with leadership roles, it is Shouq’s personality and experience which harnesses her role for administrator. Being personally trained by our prior Administrator, Shouq benefits from the advantage of having experienced the dire pressures of an administrator first hand. As an individual, it is easily convincing that she is diligent, tenacious and intuitive which further endorses her for being the face of our Administrative team, here at BritMUN.

We are confident that our team will provide the best MUN experience possible!

Mihail Skurovskii | Under-Secretary General 

Mihail Skurovskii is a member of the British School of Bahrain’s graduating class of 2017. Although Mihail is originally from Moldova, Bahrain became his home 3 years ago. He first became interested in MUN because of an argument with his parents, which he lost. Ever since, Mihail has participated in debate clubs, afterschool Model United Nations training sessions and even ventured to Washington DC to participate in the preeminent model united nations conference in North America: NAIMUN. This is Mihail’s first time as a crisis manager and Under-Secretary-General and he is excited to see the team’s vision of BritMUN IV come to life. Crisis is the heart of every Model UN and Mihail’s creative ideas for crisis this year will truly make BritMUN IV stand out far above the other conferences in Bahrain, at which the debate level is well-known to be sub-par. From midnight crisis, to exhilarating and original debate topics, BritMUN will be an experience Mihail claims he will never forget, and he hopes you join him in the adventure of a lifetime.

Alyaa Abdullatief | Deputy Under-Secretary General

Alyaa Abdullatief is a member of the class of 2018 in the British School of Bahrain and has intentions on studying Political Science when she graduates. Alyaa hails from Cape Town, South Africa, but she will say her home belongs in the dessert. She became interested in Model UN ever since her debating team got disbanded. Ever since then she has been a regular attendee of different conferences around the island, and eventually even having the privilege to attend NAIMUN LV! Alyaa is very excited to be finally working with the BritMUN team after always being a delegate and now can’t wait to help contribute to make others experiences as memorable as her own. When Alyaa is not using all her allowance attending as many Model UN’s as possible, you can often find her head in a book, watching movies in other languages, or telling anyone who will listen on why anime is not a cartoon. This being BritMUN’s first international conference, she welcomes you and can’t wait for how everyone will participate for the excitement in store for crisis.

Alex Panagis | Head of Media 

This year’s position as Head of Media at BritMUN IV was offered to Alex Panagis due to his profound, personal and professional interest in photography/filmmaking and web design.

The Head of Media at BritMUN is obliged to be someone who is diligent and conscientious, therefore Alex being dedicated and having been designing websites since the age of 12 would be a strong addition to the BritMUN IV team. In addition, to being assiduous and hard-working at school Alex is able to divert some of his efforts to work in collaboration with Bahrain This Month as a social media editor – producing, editing, managing, and publishing social media content. With a great passion for designing websites, photography/filmmaking and working among a team of people, BritMUN IV was a delightful opportunity that Alex simply had to take.

Alex’s attributes set him up to be the forefront of the media team at BritMUN IV.

Salaar Arslan | Training

Salaar Arslan is a well-adjusted member of the British School of Bahrain who has been part of the community for well over 4 years now. He aspires to complete all of his A- levels with high results but is currently finding it difficult to perform to the highest of his abilities because he is too busy making sure alongside other members that BritMUN IV is the best MUN in Bahrain. He plans on going on to study Nanotechnology engineering and using the knowledge gained from that field to help the world make new breakthroughs. He started participating in the MUN since he started high school and has found debating on how to resolve world issues really interesting as well as getting to listen to other people’s views and opinions on how things should happen. When he is not busy studying or helping with the BritMUN, he plays basketball, volleyball, and other sports as an attempt to finally lose weight.

Iqra Ahsan | Training

As part of the Head of Training this year, Iqra Ahsan, alongside Salaar Arslan, will approach this task with the absolute care and dedication mirroring that of an avid participant of MUN for the past 4 years.

Part of the British School of Bahrain’s graduating class of 2017,  she’s super excited (and stressed) for applying to medical schools in the UK, has a compelling love for reading  all kinds of literature and enjoys long distance running. Her fondness for medicine rooted from the compassion, self-resilience and engaging personalities of the doctors she observed from her work experience and dearly hopes she can attain the knowledge to become one.

Growing up in Ireland and suddenly being relocated to Bahrain, the cultural  difference was immense, but that only reinforced the ability for her to accept and intermingle with different cultures and the MUN conferences are pretty much the same as they congregate endless numbers of different nationalities which enables an open minded approach to issues that need to dealt with in the world today.

Hiba Abid | Marketing and Public Relations

Hiba is in the graduating class of 2017 from British School of Bahrain and has an agenda to pursue her future in Biomedical Sciences. Hiba has lived her whole life in Bahrain but holds on to her roots from Pakistan, you can take her out of Pakistan but you cannot take Pakistan out of her. Hiba hopes to ensure BritMUN IV runs smoothly from behind the scenes as Co-Head for Marketing and Public Relations. Hiba has been waiting for the conference the whole summer and this being her last BritMUN, she is very eager for the Opening and Closing ceremony to take place. Hiba loves her Marvel fandom and will not wait until after premier night to watch every comic movie in the cinema possible. Despite her low key fan-girl moment with her comics, Hiba can assure professionalism in everything she does. She has had limited exposure to MUN conferences but ensured that every conference she visited was valuable, coming out of her first MUN with an award and going into her second MUN as a chair. Similarly, Hiba hopes to give the delegates a memorable experience at BritMUN IV and looks forward to seeing all of you there for the Opening Ceremony.

Asna Wajid | Security

Asna Wajid is currently studying at the British School of Bahrain in her final year hoping to study Politics and International Relations at university. Her interest in Model UN developed when she participated as a delegate in the International Court of Justice Council at BritMUN, in which she was awarded the Best Position Paper. As well as taking on the role as Head of Security at the Model UN this year she has been Head of IBM for INJAZ, a student-run business enterprise, House Captain and has participated in the World Scholar’s Cup as a means of practicing her debating skills. In addition to being academically driven, she enjoys taking part in extra-curricular activities such as being a member of the football team, playing tennis and boxing in her free time. In terms of her hobbies, Asna enjoys reading thought provoking books which stems from her interest in the subjects she is studying at A-Levels including English Literature and History. Although this will be her first time in the position as Head of Security, Asna is committed to ensuring that this years’ international conference will be a memorable and invaluable experience for all the delegates that will attend!


Mathew Robinson


Matthew is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2018, pursuing a major in International Politics and a minor in Arab Studies at Georgetown University. Matthew has chaired committees on both the high school and collegiate levels. Matthew has previously served as the Under-Secretary-General of Councils, Boards, and Courts at NAIMUN LIII and has competed on the Georgetown Model UN travel team at multiple U.S. collegiate conferences. Before being appointed as CEO, he was recruited to serve as the Director-General of NAIMUN LIV, charged with overseeing and assisting in the implementation and creation of all substantive materials and subjects for the conference.During his tenure as CEO, he looks forward to expanding the depth and breadth of GIRA’s partnership with the British School of Bahrain.

Aaron Wen


Aaron is a member of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2017, studying International Economics with a certificate in International Business Diplomacy and minor in mathematics. Originally from West Windsor, NJ, he lived overseas in Shanghai, China, before coming back to NJ and ending up at Georgetown. Having attended NAIMUN and other Model UN conferences throughout high school, he was more than happy to continue developing his passion for international affairs by leading as the Secretary-General of NAIMUN LIII in 2016. He is now the Chief Financial Officer of the Georgetown International Relations Association for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. In his free time, he watches too many reruns of How I Met Your Mother, perpetually remains disappointed in the Georgetown men’s basketball team, reads a lot of The Economist, and tries all sorts of new food.

Christina Graziano

Studio portraits for PWC . Photo by Delane Rouse and Louis Tinsley/DC Corporate Headshots.

Christina Graziano is a member of the Class of 2017 in Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, pursuing a major in Accounting and a minor in English. Although a debater in high school, Christina didn’t fall in love with Model UN until her freshman year at Georgetown upon working on the general staff of NAIMUN and NCSC, NAIMUN’s sister conference; since then, she has staffed every installment of NCSC and NAIMUN, most recently as the Executive Director of NAIMUN LIII. As NAIMUN’s Executive Director Emerita, Christina looks forward to mentoring NAIMUN’s current executives. She is also eager to continue GIRA’s mission of promoting youth education in international affairs, especially through international partnerships such as the one with the British School of Bahrain.

Arnosh Keswani


Arnosh Keswani is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2017, majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies with a focus on Latin America. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, he has been competing in Model UN conferences since the 9th grade.  After serving as deputy Under Secretary of Cabinets at NAIMUN LII and as Director-General at NAIMUN LIII, he is excited to serve as the Project Manager for BritMUN.  Additionally, he served as the chair of Georgetown’s International Relations Club for the 2015-2016 school year. When he is not holed up in the library or studying in hidden areas across Georgetown, he can be found avidly following various sports teams, volunteering, or doing various strange impressions of random celebrities and politicians.  He looks forward to an incredible weekend, filled with fun times and amazing experience and to furthering GIRA’s mission of promoting youth education in international affairs.

Carley Mambuca


Carley Mambuca is a member of Georgetown University’s Class of 2019 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, studying Science, Technology and International Affairs. Since arriving at Georgetown, Carley has traveled both nationally and internationally with the Georgetown Model United Nations team and has worked on staff for various high school and university conferences across the United States. Carley has the distinct privilege to currently be serving on the Secretariat of Georgetown International Relations Association’s 54th installment of the North American Invitational Model United Nations, and she looks forward to working with students at BritMUN IV in Bahrain this October.