Our Philanthropy Project

BritMUN excels at being more than an enriching academic conference, and it strives to educate the minds of tomorrow, while also creating a positive social impact through our conference’s philanthropy project. Throughout the weekend, delegates, faculty advisers and any other attendees will have numerous opportunities to engage in discussions, and consider how to bring about real change to the issues in our world. The most direct and visual display of this change will be the charity work that the delegates of the conference will engage in.

This year’s BritMUN conference will be raising money and awareness for the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) of Bahrain. The MWPS is a chartered charity licensed under the Ministry of Social Development, and is the only charity to solely focus on improving the quality of life for the migrant workers. It provides not only shelter, food, and toiletries for the most vulnerable group of laborers, but also provides legal assistance to laborers who become victim to abuse. The BritMUN team could not be more honored to assist a charity which provides a much-needed service to an issue which is so relevant in this society. In picking the MWPS, we hope to counter the assumptions of this society in the wider context, and display the strength of our community.

In the previous year, our philanthropy project was DIYA Pakistan. Our last conference had managed to raise $4000 USD, from the delegates alone, which was used to construct a school in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, furthering the education of some of the most vulnerable group of students in the world. With our ever-growing reach, alumni network and global recognition, this year’s philanthropy goal will make an even bigger impact in our society.

The charity foundation for BritMUN IV has yet to be selected, please check back to this page at a later time for more information.