Why Sponsor Us?

Why Sponsor BritMUN IV?

BritMUN seeks corporate partnerships in order to lower costs for attending delegates, to ensure that delegates of all financial backgrounds are able to attend. With the generous support of its sponsors, BritMUN plans to expand its philanthropic goals while simultaneously helping you increase your consumer base. Businesses, non-governmental organizations, and universities have the opportunity to gain exposure to a group of highly driven and incredibly successful high school students. Not only will your organization have the opportunity to support The British School of Bahrain International Model United Nations mission of furthering the education of students around the globe. Monetary backgrounds are able to attend. BritMUN delegates spend an entire weekend together talking not only about international issues, but also about their academic and extracurricular interests, summer plans, and future career considerations; where else can a sponsor find such an attentive, captive audience?


• Access to more than 600-800 high school students, and faculty advisors;
• Repeated name-brand exposure before and during the three-day conference;
• Use of traditional and multimedia advertisements, including use of website, monthly newsletters, video clips, and paper distributions;
• A fully flexible sponsorship package catered to your individual needs.