An Introduction to BritMUN IV

Being successful & confident can be very difficult when you are completely new to the Model United Nations experience, so with the help of NAIMUN, BritMUN has created this brief introduction to the Model United Nations Experience.

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New to Model UN? Looking to improve your skills? First time in a crisis committee? Before consulting this section, we recommend beginning by reading through the NAIMUN Training Guide, created by Director-General Harrison Baker.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is a form of international relations debate that places students acting in the capacity of diplomats, ambassadors, and heads of state of a nation into the wide committees, conferences, and forums of the large United Nations infrastructure and beyond. Delegates will have to research topics, imagine solutions, debate with their fellow delegates, reach compromises, and arrive at resolutions that may solve some of the foremost problems facing the globe today.

What kind of committees should I expect at BritMUN IV?

BritMUN IV committees are organized into three standing bodies: Traditional Councils, Semi Crisis Councils and Crisis Councils. Traditional councils, ranging from a moderate to a large sized council, are the councils that delegates would come across in an actual UN conference and these are the councils that the delegates will address the fundamental issues in a very realistic environment – examples include councils such as DISEC, UNESCO, US Senate and others. Semi Crisis Councils are moderate sized councils who will not be completely run by crisis, however will have more crisis than the Traditional Councils but a lot less than the actual Crisis Councils. These types of councils will have a range of topics from the Mars landing to the ideas discussed in the Bilderberg Group, and the crisis within these councils will cause delegates to remain on their feet at all time and will always keep the conference interesting. Crisis Councils, unlike the other two, will be completely driven by crisis, which means that delegates who are going to be in councils such as The Executive Committee of The National Security Council of The United States and the 22nd Presidium of the Communist Party will be engaged throughout the conference in heated debate as well as devising a way to resolve issues.

Where should I go from here?

Research is the first and foremost aid in preparing for the conference, and there are multiple resources and sites that can aid delegates in the preparation of these data. After collecting the information, delegates must write a Position Paper that summarizes their nation’s position on specific issues and lays out the goals the nation wants to achieve in committee. At the conference, delegates will write Resolutions to submit their proposals to the committee for approval, and will use Parliamentary Procedure to debate, discuss, and compromise with other delegates on the issues. Other useful information can be found in the Other Resources and FAQs sections of this guide. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to greeting you at BritMUN IV!